Improve Your Credit Rating

A True Story Of What Bankruptcy Will Do To Your Credit Score

Edited by Bryan Keenan

Here is a short, but very true story about someone who chose bankruptcy as her solution and it was the best thing she did…

The following is a true story (name changed to protect her identity).  April lost her job in 2008.  

She was living within her means, but once her income stopped, she was unable to manage her credit card debt along with her student loan debt.

She filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and the case progressed perfectly.  

Her credit card debts were gone and she was able to put her financial life back together.  

She got a job and started growing her credit score through the use of a secured debit card at her bank.  

April was so diligent in improving her credit score that 14 months after her bankruptcy case was over, her FICO score was just below 700.  

Within 2 years of her bankruptcy case, April was able to get financed to open a bar in St. Petersburg, FL.  

She financed a liquor license, a build-out of the premises, and all of the furniture.

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Bryan Keenan

Attorney Keenan is a familiar face with the Bankruptcy Court Judges, trustees and practitioners in the state of Pennsylvania, and has handled thousands of consumer bankruptcy files. Attorney Keenan takes pride in keeping up with the constant changes to the local and national bankruptcy rules." Prior to becoming a lawyer he worked as a paralegal for ten years, and, therefore, he has worked in this field for the past 22 years.

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